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Can a semi-trailer be matched with a different tractor?

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Semi trailers are widely used in the domestic transportation industry. Compared with monobloc freight vehicles, the transportation efficiency of semi trailers can be improved by about 30-50%, the transportation cost can be reduced by 30-40%, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-30%. Especially in the field of long-distance cargo transportation, the coverage of semi trailers almost exceeds that of all other transportation vehicles.

As we all know, the semi-trailer has no driving force and needs the power of the tractor to drive. In general, a tractor can tow a semi-trailer, and the two vehicles are mainly connected through the traction seat, traction pin and electrical circuit to achieve synchronous driving and braking.

So, can a semi-trailer be used with different tractors on the road? In other words, can a semi-trailer only be used with one tractor, or can it be used with different tractors?

The answer is that you can change it at will, because the semi-trailer and tractor have independent license plates and procedures, and the owner can mix the tractor and semi-trailer as required. The tractor can be changed for the same semi-trailer, and the semi-trailer can also be changed for the same tractor, such as the drop and pull transport mode. Of course, the premise is that the procedures for each tractor and semi-trailer must be complete and legal.

In addition, with regard to the insurance of semi-trailer and tractor, many owners feel that semi-trailer does not need to be insured separately, because semi-trailer is equivalent to a vehicle body, so they only need to buy the insurance of tractor. If the vehicle body has problems, they can use the insurance of tractor to settle claims. So most general cargo transportation companies basically only insure the tractor.

Although it seems like no problem to say so, in some actual cases, the semi-trailer cannot claim with the tractor insurance. For example, a car owner once reported that his semi-trailer overturned because the tractor was ok, and the insurance company did not settle the claim in the end.

Objectively speaking, although the semi-trailer must be connected with the tractor, it essentially belongs to two vehicles. Therefore, whether the tractor insurance can be used or not depends on the specific provisions of the region, which may be possible in some places and not in others. For those vehicle owners with high attendance rate, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, it is recommended to provide a separate insurance for the semi-trailer.

It is worth noting that compulsory traffic insurance is generally all inclusive, and the semi-trailer does not need to be purchased separately after the tractor is purchased. As for other commercial insurance and additional insurance, car owners can purchase them according to their needs:





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