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Shandong Darong Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a large-scale enterprise in Jining axle manufacturing and assembly industry. It has been successively rated as "Jining A-level integrity management model" and national "high-tech enterprise". The company's Party branch was established in January 2017 and has successively won the honors of standardized construction of four-star Party branch of county-level branch.

In recent years, the Party branch has adhered to the development concept of "four hearts" (lean heart, innovation heart, dedication heart and service heart), created the party building brand of "red craftsman", and led the development of the enterprise to move forward.

First, implement the "double training" of assistance and guidance, and be a lean craftsman. We explored and established the "master + apprentice" guidance system to provide guidance in the company's production, innovation and equipment transformation. We implemented the "two-way training" system, included outstanding Party members into the company's management, and timely absorbed outstanding apprentices into the Party branch. The enterprise's pioneer team was expanded and the enterprise's vitality was further burst out.

The second is to lead party building, build lean and seek the soul of Seiko craftsman. Explore the cooperation between universities and enterprises, and implant the advanced development concept and advanced production technology of universities and famous enterprises. The establishment of red enterprise Studio provides powerful conditions for technological reform and innovation and the growth of the company's employees. The "red quality inspector" system was established, and the backbone of Party members established a "red commando" in combination with safety production, epidemic prevention and control and production line construction, forming a pioneer and taking the lead, ensuring the healthy development of the enterprise.

Third, service care, condensing lean, seeking precision and ingenuity. Strengthen quality training, master the learning and technical needs of employees, carry out "menu" regular training, and cultivate a group of senior backbone in product design, product delivery inspection and standardized operation. Strengthen organizational care, give priority to Party member candidates with the same conditions, and the salary of Party member employees in the same position should be higher than that of ordinary employees. Hold a collective birthday party for employees, establish an employee care fund, focus on excellent employees and employees with family difficulties, and further enhance the happiness and sense of belonging of all employees.

Focus on customers and adhere to self-criticism

Management meeting:

Definition: ideological excavation and emotional cohesion meeting with mutual criticism as the theme

Objective: to carry out the team spirit of leading the enterprise by team rather than helmsman

Cycle: once a quarter

Content: only talk about thought and behavior. Don't talk about work, pay attention to criticism

Method: thoroughly and sincerely self-criticism to find out the root of the problem

Foundation: like-minded and full trust

Requirements: honesty, sincerity, equality, no mercy, no dead corner

Note: the content will not flow out of the conference room

Effect: confused before the meeting and comfortable after the meeting

Middle level reflection meeting:

Definition: it is a meeting of thought collision and ability improvement based on self-criticism

Cycle: once a month

Content: reflect on your own mistakes and shortcomings, and share your own experience for others to learn from

Method: focus on self-criticism, find reasons in yourself and less criticize others

Requirements: trust and honesty, challenge yourself, reflect on yourself and improve together

Effect: from grasping the internal essence to grasping the external essence, constantly find their own problems and constantly revise the work direction

National Sharing meeting:

Definition: it is an ideological unity, training and growth meeting with learning and sharing as the content

Cycle: once a week

Content: training, sharing typical cases of success and deficiency in work, self reflection, benchmarking, collective discussion and communication

Methods: training exchange, case sharing, theme discussion, democratic discussion, etc

Requirements: diverse forms, sincerity and honesty, and participation of the whole people

Effect: learning, growth and common progress





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