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The corporate culture system of Darong group is inherited from the development essence and historical accumulation of Darong group for many years. It is divided into four levels: mission, vision, core values and personal core competence to form a cultural value of unified consensus from top to bottom, so that all Darong colleagues can root it in their hearts and implement it in their actions.

Darong's corporate culture system conveys the common beliefs and values of Darong people, and plays a positive role in guiding employees' values, shaping the working atmosphere and promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise. At the same time, it will also serve as an important internal criterion for daily code of conduct, recruitment, promotion and development, talent training and other work.

Corporate mission:

Build a world-class commercial vehicle axle brand and be a adherent and innovator in China's machinery manufacturing industry.

◆ create a golden age of axle through brand upgrading and global layout.

◆ stick to made in China and practice the craftsmanship spirit of a big country for development and innovation.

◆ establish a long-term friendly interest alliance with customers by providing high-quality axles.

◆ enable employees to realize and improve their own value.





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