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How often does the grease in the wheel hub of a semi trailer change?

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The axle is one of the key components on a trailer and a set of core component assemblies. Its performance is directly related to the vehicle's load-bearing, braking, and driving. So, doing a good job in the maintenance and upkeep of the axle is crucial for the safe operation of the vehicle.

Generally speaking, trailer axle maintenance mainly includes lubricating grease filling/replacement, fastener inspection, brake clearance adjustment, brake drum/pad inspection, etc. These maintenance items usually have a recommended cycle, and owners can refer to them based on their actual vehicle usage:

From the above table, it can be seen that the replacement cycle of wheel hub grease is usually half a year or 50000 kilometers apart. Of course, this is a regular trailer axle. If it is a maintenance free axle, the maintenance cycle will be correspondingly extended, reaching 500000 or 800000 kilometers. There are also certain differences in the maintenance methods between the two.

Maintenance of ordinary trailer axles:

1. Disassemble the wheel hub, clean the bearings, journal, and hub cavity, clean and clean the old lubricating grease, and then dry the cavity with a clean cloth;

2. Inspect the wheel hub, bearings, bearing races, etc. If there are cracks, looseness, loose rollers, etc., replace them in a timely manner;

3. Check the fit clearance between the inner diameter of the bearing and the shaft diameter. When measuring, select the two points above and below the shaft diameter perpendicular to the ground. If the clearance is greater than 0.1mm, the bearing needs to be replaced;

4. Add an appropriate amount of new lubricating grease between the inner race of the bearing and the roller, a thin layer is sufficient, as excessive grease can affect heat dissipation and braking;

5. Install the wheel hub.

Maintenance free trailer axle maintenance:

1. Regularly check whether the lubricating oil level is normal and whether there is any deterioration or discoloration through the transparent cover at the shaft end, and add or replace it on time;

2. At an interval of 12 months or 100000 kilometers, open the oil injection hole and use a magnetic probe to delve deep into the lubricating oil to check for iron filings and impurities;

3. Regularly inspect the wheel hub fasteners for looseness, damage to the wheel hub cover, and oil leakage; Every 12 months or 100000 kilometers, lift the wheel end to check for any abnormal noise during rotation and abnormal shaking of the bearings.

Some car owners, because they use maintenance-free axles, feel that they can be 'maintenance-free' and ignore them during operation. This is actually completely wrong because 'maintenance-free' is originally just a promotional gimmick, referring to a long maintenance cycle, which does not mean that maintenance is not necessary. Especially when the vehicle's operating conditions are relatively complex, the maintenance cycle needs to be shortened accordingly, and related maintenance and inspection work is even more essential, Even within the maintenance mileage range, it is recommended that car owners carry out repairs and maintenance work on time.





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