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Is gear oil the same as butter? What components on a trailer can be lubricated with butter?

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Gear oil and butter are two common lubricants used in vehicles, both of which can provide lubrication, wear resistance, and other functions. Can the two be used together? The answer is no, because gear oil and butter are two completely different lubricants.

Gear oil is essentially a type of lubricating oil, mainly composed of petroleum lubricating oil base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, mixed with extreme pressure anti-wear agents and oiliness agents. It has excellent wear resistance, load resistance, thermal oxidation stability, foaming resistance, water separation performance, and rust prevention performance. It is mainly used in various gear transmission devices, such as transmissions, differentials, and drive axles, to prevent tooth surface wear, sintering, etc, Extend the service life of gears and improve power transmission efficiency.

The function of gear oil:

1. Lubrication, anti-wear, rust prevention: Gear oil can reduce the friction between gears and other moving parts, reduce and reduce wear, and the anti-wear and rust agents contained in it can effectively prevent gear wear under high loads or long-term operation, protect metal surfaces from corrosion and oxidation, and extend their service life.

2. Heat dissipation: During the rotation of gears, a large amount of heat is easily generated. Gear oil can continuously carry away this heat during the circulating lubrication process and dissipate it through the air or shell, ensuring the stable operation of the components.

3. Improving transmission efficiency: Various additives such as extreme pressure anti-wear agents and oiliness agents are added to the composition of gear oil, which can reduce internal friction and losses in the transmission system, improve transmission efficiency, and help improve vehicle performance and economy.

4. Shock absorption and noise reduction: Gear oil can reduce the working noise of components, reduce and mitigate the impact between gears, and improve driving comfort and safety.

5. Cleaning function: Gear oil also has the ability to clean dirt, which has a certain flushing effect on the dirt on the tooth surface, further reducing gear wear.

Butter is a semi-solid lubricating grease mainly composed of mineral oil (or synthetic lubricating oil) and thickener, which can reduce friction, wear and corrosion between mechanical components, ensure the quality and performance of parts, extend the service life of parts, and ensure driving safety. The positions where trucks apply butter are generally at the lifting ears of the I-shaped plate, steering ball joints, front/rear axle bearings, transmission shafts, cross shafts, and steering rods.

Function of butter:

1. Lubrication: grease can form a lubricating film between parts to prevent direct contact of parts and reduce friction resistance.

2. Cooling: butter can absorb the heat generated during the operation of components and maintain the operating temperature of components.

3. Sealing: In the process of use, the grease will fill the sealing gap in the form of liquid, forming a layer of lubricating film, which acts as the oil seal and plays the role of sealing.

4. Cleaning: It can clean the sediment generated by the work of the components to keep the interior of the components clean.

5. Rust prevention and corrosion resistance: anti oxidant and corrosion inhibitor in butter can prevent oxidation and corrosion of metal parts when contacting with air, and maintain equipment performance and quality.

Therefore, there are differences between gear oil and butter in viscosity, composition and specific function. Under normal circumstances, they cannot replace each other or be mixed together. However, in rare cases, such as when some parts leak oil after filling gear oil, a little butter can be added to prevent oil leakage.





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