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Darong is invited to participate in the 2023 Automechanika Shanghai International Exhibition

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The 18th Shanghai International Exhibition of Automotive Parts, Maintenance and Testing Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 29 to December 2, 2023. The theme of this exhibition is "Technological Innovation, Driving the Future", with an exhibition area of over 300000 square meters. 5652 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions made a joint appearance, attracting numerous industry professionals and enterprises from home and abroad to visit.

As a high-quality domestic axle manufacturer, Darong Axle made a grand debut with its five major series of products. Through on-site explanations and video demonstrations, the performance advantages and technological characteristics of Darong Axle were presented in detail to visitors, and personalized matching solutions were proposed according to customer needs.

As one of the earliest established axle enterprises in Liangshan, Darong has rich experience and continuous innovation in production, design, technology, performance, and other fields. With meticulous craftsmanship, it has been dedicated to creating high-quality axle products for decades, continuously providing customers worldwide with a higher level of product system.

At this exhibition, Darong showcased classic products such as American style axles, German style axles, disc airbag axles, maintenance free axles, and light trailer axles, presenting a new generation of commercial vehicle axle application scenarios with both technology and strength for visitors, attracting a large number of visitors to stop.

Each product series produced by Darong Group has been proven by the market and possesses excellent bending, torsion, fatigue, and corrosion resistance. It can perfectly adapt to various trailer usage scenarios, ensuring professionalism, stability, durability, and safety, and has won unanimous praise from customers.





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